New Match Types For AdWords Campaigns?

by admin on June 27, 2009

In addition to the four main match types when setting up campaigns – Broad, Phrase, Exact, and Negative, you may see a couple of new columns in your search query report.

One is being listed as “Session-Based” Broad Match, which can help the advertiser determine if relevant keywords are missing from the campaign and should be added, or it can identify more negative keywords.  The point here is to expand reach while maintaining relevancy, and to help in fine-tuning AdWords advertisers’ campaigns.

Another match type being seen on rare occasions is “Automatic Match”.  This has been seen in a few select accounts only since Automatic matching is a beta test that is closed at this time. It is similar to Broad (Session-Based) in that it shows keywords missing from your campaign based on relevancy, but uses a different tactic.

This feature analyzes ads, keywords, and landing pages in an ad group and then shows the ads for queries it finds relevant once the budget has been spent on existing queries.  According to Google, automatic matching won’t allow you to exceed the budget set.

Click on the Match Types above to learn more!

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